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Batalon (2015) Film BoxOffice Dmitriy Meskhiev
Batalon (2015) Rating: 7 out of 10

Batalon (2015)

 February 1917 revolution has affected mode of life in Russia and changed the course of Great War. Monarch has abdicated. In trenches, were the confrontation with Germans lasts for several years, Bolsheviks are very active with their propaganda. They call for making peace with enemy. Russian officers can actually do nothing without approval of so-called Soldiers Committees. The army is just near the stage of complete degradation. By order of Russian Provisional Government, attempting to strengthen the spirit, the female Death Battalion is established. In charge of the Battalion - Cavalier of St. George Maria Bochkareva. Death Battalion give the lead of courage, fortitude and composure, stiffen the spirit of soldiers and prove, that each of the female hero is worthy of the Warrior Title.

Genre : Film BoxOffice

Directors : Dmitriy Meskhiev

Stars : Lesya Andreeva, Mariya Antonova, Mariya Aronova

Release : 20 February 2015

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