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Digimon Adventure Tri. 2: Decision (2016) Film BoxOffice Keitarô Motonaga
Digimon Adventure Tri. 2: Decision (2016) Rating: 7 out of 10

Digimon Adventure Tri. 2: Decision (2016)

The DigiDestined go to a nearby hot springs theme park and everyone has a good time, but Joe doesn't show up because he wants to study for his exams. Another infected Digimon, Ogremon, attacks Odaiba. Gomamon runs away from home while Mimi faces problems with the other DigiDestined and her classmates because of her selfish ideas. Would Joe accept his responsibilities as a DigiDestined before it's too late? Written by Rahspot

Genre : Film BoxOffice

Directors : Keitarô Motonaga

Stars : Miho Arakawa, Beau Billingslea, Johnny Yong Bosch, Robbie Daymond, Mari Devon

Release : 12 March 2016

IMDb : 0.0 / 10 54 Views

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