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Onda su onda (2016) Film Mandarin N/A
Onda su onda (2016) Rating: 7 out of 10

Onda su onda (2016)

Gege Cristofori, exuberant singer of pop music for decades in economic crisis and popularity, receives a call from a self-proclaimed billionaire South American, to return to Montevideo in Uruguay, where about thirty years earlier had performed with some success. Not having enough money to buy the flight, embarks as a passenger on a roll-on / roll-off of the Grimaldi Lines ship.

Genres: Comedy
Director: Rocco Papaleo
Writers: Walter Lupo, Rocco Papaleo
Stars: Luz Cipriota, Alessandro Gassman, Rocco Papaleo
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Release Date: 18 February 2016 (Italy)
Running Time: 98 min

Genre : Film Mandarin

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